About Us ↓

About Us ↓

We are a family run business offering personalized services in the Motorcycle Signage Industry.
We are one of the few signage firms in the UK dedicated solely in motorcycle liveries.

With more than 10 experience in working on projects across Europe and the UK, in 2020 we decided to incorporate Stri-Tech LTD. Sincle then we have been growing and expanding our product and service range.

We are based in Denham, Uxbridge just off the M25.

Please email us at info@stri-tech.co.uk for more information.


Below image showing the first bike wrapped by us in 2009.

A nice Honda CB400 originally in Yellow wrapped in Gloss Black & White Carbon Fiber.

Honda CB400 – 2009 Picture of First Vinyl Wrap

Business Temporarily Closed