A proven formula

Our unique process offers a quick and agile way to get your proejct moving.

The STRI-TECH typical design process is made up of six steps designed to take your project from concept to real life product in a rapid and reliable way. Lets look at them in more detail below:

1. Understand

Initial Contact

Simply drop us an email or give us a call and tell us as much as you can about your project. We also offer a face to face meetings (by appointment subject to Covid) and can even arrange a site visit where required.

Quotes and Payments

We aim to offer most quotes for free. We aim to give a fixed cost where possible, but where details are unknown, will supply estimates which are confirmed as soon as information is available.

If satisfied with the quotation a 20% non-refundable deposit of the total sum must be paid before moving on to the sketching step and the final payment of 80% before moving on to designing. Please see below for reference.

2. Sketch

After receiving the deposit, we will put our skills and experience to work and start sketching to bring your idea alive. Based on the information provided by you, and guided by our design experience, we can create initial drawings and/or renders for you to consider to come up with the best design possible for you and your bike.

3. Decide

This is an important step where you get to see the idea come alive and understand how the final wrap will look. It also gives you the opportunity to request any changes before moving on the final design step. In case there are changes, we will redo the sketch process again for free for the first revision. Any additional revisions after this are charged.

4. Design

Armed with your approved sketches and feedback, our team will design with an a detailed approach. Creativity and manufacturing know-how is used to design the most efficient, intelligent and sustainable solution.

5. Approve

After being handed over the completed project sketches you will have the chance to review it all in detail before agreeing to the proposed finishes. Minor changes are offered for free while bigger changes requiring a re-design are charged.

6. Deliver

Once you’re happy and we have your written approval to go ahead with the design, we will manufacture and install your new wrap or logo finishes to our high standards.

Please note: We evaluate each job on an individual bases. This proccess may be different for your project and is subject to change without notice. Please visit our full Legal Notice Page for more.

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